WSECU Parking Garage


Photo Credit to Thurston Talk


We were responsible for the installation of “Buttons”, a large scale public art project designed by artist Christian Moeller. This is the WSECU parking structure located in Downtown Olympia off Jefferson Street.

“The artwork is 42 feet tall and covers the WSECU parking structure over a surface of approximately 24,000 square feet. The “canvas” of the artwork is made of galvanized chain-link fence and is mounted with the help of vertical tension cables in 12’ wide panels to the building structure. A total of 235,000 discs – or “pixels” as Moeller describes them – are made of injection-molded white vinyl. The discs are attached to the fencing in a style reminiscent of pointillism. They contrast with the darker background to form a large image – layers of scattered clothing buttons, evoking a magnified view into a grandmother’s button box.” – Thurston Talk

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