Site Development

J.A. Morris Construction has been involved in the development of building sites for 30 years. Our experience and knowledge helps us provide cost effective and proper site utilities, grading, and layout plans. We are always approaching each and every project to create a comprehensive plan involving current and future uses of the building site. Whether we are building a site for current or future buildings we try to look into the future to see how we can make the site more user friendly and efficient for future additions or changes.

Our in house design staff is well versed in code requirements for building site development. When we help you layout your building site we always look to maximize the building size and parking potential. This allows for the owner to utilize their capital as effectively as possible. We always try to work closely with the municipality that we are in to create a strong working relationship and create up front dialog to help mitigate future conflicts. We always view the municipalities that we work with as partners instead of adversaries. Our experience shows that this is not only the best way to work, but the only way.

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